Brandon Harvey has been speaking at churches, schools, and conferences since 2007. Here are some of his talks:

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Faith Talks

Brandon Harvey has been speaking at churches and Christian conferences since 2007. Contact us for more information about some of his most popular talks below or propose one for your upcoming event:​

  1. Who is Jesus and what difference does He make?
  2. Why is Jesus’ Death a Sacrifice?
  3. Jesus and His Sacramental Mysteries
  4. The Holy and Divine Encounter: The biblical, historical, and doctrinal basis for the Holy Eucharist
  5. Into the Mystery: The Sacred Liturgy and Daily Life
  6. The Sacraments and Authentic Evangelization
  7. The Ministry of Parents
  8. Or propose a new talk!

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Parenting Talks

Most recently Brandon Harvey has been asked to travel around the country to speak on issues related to the sacred work of Christian Parents. His talks range from a general overview with a “call to action”, and specific habits for the transformation of families. Contact us about the following talk topics or suggest another:

  1. The Ministry of Parents
  2. The Four Marks of the Christian Family: Sacraments, Prayer, Scripture, and Mission
  3. Scripture Habits for the Family
  4. Prayer in the Home
  5. Biblical Truths for Marriage and Family

Literature, and Education Talks

Brandon Harvey has spoken at conferences, schools, parent-teacher groups, graduations, Gala events, and other forums. Topics usually focus on the role of Good books, the importance of a Liberal Arts education, and principles for Cultural Renewal for the restoration of Western Civilization. Contact Brandon about the following talk options or propose a new topic:

  1. Good Books, Good Kids: The importance of great literature and how parents can help kids to love good stories.
  2. Education in a Democratic Society
  3. Classical and Liberal Arts Education
  4. Teaching vs. Indoctrinating

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